NaturFund Artisan Outreach

Did you know that the artisan sector is the second largest employer in the developing world, behind agriculture? That’s right: millions of people in developing countries around the globe (most of them women) participate in the artisan economy, practicing traditional crafts as a means to

Mentors, Investors and Sponsors

In our professional and live’s work, we would come across these three influential figures from time to time. First, Mentors. Mentors are people who we look up to. They model the kind of person we want to become. Most times, they are not within our

Equity Crowdfunding in Nigeria

By Ayokunle Olowogboyega and Idris Edalere The startup space in Nigeria has received a big boost over the past few years. One of the major challenges faced by startups is availability of funds to properly function. Startups are usually registered as private limited liability companies.

Equity Crowdfunding: An idea whose time has come

Uche Uwaleke Just a few days ago, the global financial community woke up to the cheering news that the World Bank had launched the first bond instrument built on a blockchain with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. By this development, the $87m bond becomes the